Pear Whelk Egg Case

Busycotypus spiratus egg case

This is the Pear Whelk seashells egg casing.  It very closely resembles the other whelk egg casings however as you can see in the photos below the pear whelk is much much smaller in size then the lightning whelk or channel whelk egg cases.  Another way to tell the pear whelk from the others is the outer rim of the packets.  The pear whelk is very spiky in nature.  It almost resembles a sand spur on the outer edge of each packet


pear whelk egg case
Pear Whelk egg casing with a Pear Whelk

egg casing pear whelk
A Pear Whelk egg case compared to a Lightning Whelk egg case.  Here you can really see the size variance. 

pear whelks
Pear Whelks

pear whelk egg casing
Pear Whelk egg casing